Desi rung committed to ensuring that the personal information of his customers is confidential and used in a proper way. This article explains all the process of collecting and using personal data through the website. Kindly read our website policy very carefully and know how personal data management takes place. We didn’t share or sell customer information with anyone.

When a customer registered on the website, he/she may be asked to enter his/her name, Email address, mailing address, contact number, credit card information and some other details to help him with his/her experience. The website also collects the information if you place an order, post a comment/message or enter information on it.
The information collected from you when you make a purchase, signup, do any survey, use the website, or any other features. The website only use your information to contact you in the event, about any offers on it (sale, discount, celebration etc.) The info may use for SMS alert service. For sharing the information about the courier status, delivery, new updates etc. sometimes may ask for a review or comment or any suggestion.

Desi Rung will keep all your information as long as necessary to carry out the services and as long as the website required according to law. After a fixed time, interval, the information will be removed. All the personal information of customers is secured by an additional security layer which keeps the information of customers in the encrypted link and the layers are known as SSL.